The world ain’t all sunshine and roses.

Life is occasionally shitty. That’s why I prefer escaping into worlds other then my own.

Before you proceed, here are some quick facts about me :

  • Name – Bookish Blue (Xin Dear)
  • DOB – Same as Osama Bin Laden’s but a 97’s version 🙂
  • Constellation – Pisces
  • Relationship status – Taken
  • The 3 Bs that I ❤ – Blue, Books, and Beethoven
  • The 3 Bs that I DON’T ❤ – Bitches, Butches, and Bronzers
  • Dreams -… to be a writer, a reader, a musician, and an educator
  • Believes – … strongly about human rights…
  • Fights – … against racism and sexism…
  • Hopes – … that one day, I can change the world.

It’s a lovely Monday evening: no classes (unofficial study week btw.); clusters of grey clouds accentuated with rainbows and drizzle (my favourite type of weather); and yet I’ve been deprived of the joy of dancing in the rain, and letting the weakened sun rays kiss my skin. Instead of doing all these, I’m stuck in my hostel, studying for the upcoming Malaysian literature finals.

Don’t get me wrong, I (An excuse to devour book after book and those nosy relatives, instead of saying that I’m antisocial for escaping into the fantastical realms of Mordor or Hogwarts, can finally stuff their faces because for once in my life, I am reading not only for pleasure, but also for the right to earn my adornment of academic regalia a few years from now. *actually I’m really reading for pleasure loll) I want to tie a big-ass rock chiselled from Gunung Keriang and sink myself into my little bookish ocean. (Don’t ask why , try and interpret it, my dear reader 🙂 )

My love of literature led me to discover a whole new world filled with people like myself. People who put their thoughts into stars; people who love books; people who write them. As someone who has a ginormous appetite for all things fiction; who started off eating and breathing Enid Blyton in kindergarten; who then wants to proceed into the world of writers, starting this blog is a great way to obtain my visa to Writersland.

Anyway, in the words of the late Anne Frank:

Paper has more patience than people.

Whenever I attempt to voice out my thoughts, none of them seem to translate well on others. I have to sit through others’ opinions about what I’ve said. Not only that, I have to tolerate whatever shit they throw at me. So, writing seems like a good idea.

Hope you guys out there enjoy my blog, feel free to comment, give ideas so that I can get inspired. 🙂


Bookish Blue


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