Diary 07: Little Finn

It started out as a simple wish: “Why do I never get to see any puppies here?”.

Then it started to escalate when I met eight pups in a derelict flat.

And then it escalated even further when the next litter brought 12 pups.

And eight..

And five…

And six…

And back to eight again.

Me and Dave have always took pity on these poor souls, and we always went all our way to help them as much as we could.

However, things have recently started to get out of hand.

There’s this one pup, whom we named Little Finn. Little Finn was found buried underground along with her siblings, and is one of those constantly-drunk-on-red-bull pups. If Mr John Gorgan’s lab Marley has the opportunity to meet her, these two would be instant buds. We bonded quite well with her, and was thinking to help her find a suitable home to go to eventually. She lives in the streets and we, along with the regulars, feed her and her siblings everyday.

One morning, we came to visit her and was surprised when she couldn’t be found. We asked a regular, and he said that she was seen eating some leftovers that he placed on the floor ten minutes ago. We scoured the area, and the regular called out to us all of a sudden. He pointed to the floor, where puddles of blood lay. Chills went through my bones. I’ve seen how some of the strays were treated here by some extremely religious people (I will not mention the specific religion here), and let me tell you this, the way that they treat dogs will make Hitler seem tame in comparison.

We called out to Little Finn, and looked around some more. Just when we were about to give up, we heard whines coming from the automated laundry shop right opposite us. We dashed across, and there she was.. Laying there, with specks of fresh blood on the floor. She cowered in a corner while we picked her up, and there we saw it. Her eyeball was dangling out of its socket, and she was shivering with fright. We picked her up, told the regular to look away (he’s afraid of blood), and rushed her to the vet’s. The vet found bite marks on her ear and her eyelids, suggesting that an adult dog must’ve bitten her.

Long story short, she’s now a pirate, with big blue stitches on what used to be her right eye. When she was discharged, we didn’t know where to place her. Put her back into the streets? Seems unlikely, so we had to bring her back to our hostel.

Our hostel has a strict “no pets” policy, and sneaking an injured puppy upstairs is bound to be tricky. We had to place her with a temporary student fosterer for two to three days while we sort out further accommodation. However, those days have passed and we came no nearer to a decision.

We brought her back to our hostel, but she whined, so we placed her back into the street because the management was hot on our trails. Boy did a lot of people object and judge our decision…. But what can we do? We can’t afford the boarding house fees because we’ve used up a lot of our money for the surgery. We can’t place her in our hostel because she’ll whine and make a racket, and the management will come and kick her out again. We can’t place her with *S*CA because those people are shady af (with a history of abusing dogs, might I add). We can’t find any fosterers in our area because basically all of the volunteers are students and it’s the trimester break, all of them have gone back to their homes. We can’t place her with any friends in Ipoh because they are not in. What can we do then?

Here’s the thing that I want to say to our haters. You guys judge us. You guys always say: “She should have the best”, “You saved her so you’re responsible for giving her the best”, or “You are all heartless people. Saving her and then placing her back into the streets again”.

To all who judge, have you ever helped us? What did you guys do to help us? You only know how to talk a good game, but did you ever do anything to help us out?

We personally WISH that we could give her the best. If we have the money then yes, we will definitely send her to the best vet in the whole damn world and the best boarding house too. We could even buy a house and adopt her if we have the resources to. Sadly, we are very limited in terms of our finances. If you are willing to sponsor all of her fees then sure, we will do so..

Sadly, the aforementioned sponsorship of fees did not appear from those judgemental people. They continue to wound us with words, and with actions, but have never offered a hand to us. You guys don’t really need to offer financial help you know? You could offer help in the form of services by volunteering  your house for foster care, or you could discuss some solutions with us as to solve this problem but no, you give baseless criticism that sounded more like personal attacks.

A lot of people think that taking care of a puppy is easy. Well it isn’t if you’re in a place where puppies should not be in. If our hostel allows dogs, sure, no fuss. However, they’re strict with this, and with neighbours who are pure b*tches (sorry, am pissed right now), our job just got harder and harder. Easy huh?  Tell me, are you the ones who have to get up at 2 am in the morning to calm the pup down and stop him or her from making a ruckus so that a) your housemates can have a good night’s rest, and b) no one notices that you just committed an illegal action in the contract that you signed? Are you the ones who go into full-blown panic mode when the puppy continues wailing even though you’ve played with him or her, and have spritzed “Quiet Moments” around the area to soothe him or her down? Are you the ones who have to deal with the personal attacks aimed at you, be it from your b*tchy neighbours and or your management? Are you the ones who have to put up with bullies? Are you the ones who have to pay for everything? If you’re not, then why are you judging us for our decision? Do you think we WANT to put her back? We’ve taken care of her painstakingly, so do you really think that we had a choice or a say in whether to keep her in the hostel or not?

We have enough on our plates already with Little Finn, so we certainly do not need a third degree from people who have never been in our shoes. We constantly worry whether she’s going to go and pester the dog who bit her or not. We worry whether she could be adopted or not since she’s disabled now. We worry whether she’ll be bullied by some people in the street or not. We worry, and yet sometimes we are limited by our abilities.

I just hope that one day, people could stop attacking people, and start helping each other instead; but this is highly utopian and therefore highly impossible.

This is a short diary entry, sorry folks. I have to go with Dave and visit Little Finn, she needs us more than ever now.

Will update some more soon since I’m in my trimester break now.


** I’m currently constructing a Facebook Page for the strays that I’ve encountered and for those that I have yet to encounter. Stay tuned for the link. 🙂



Bookish Blue.


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