Diary 04 #littlethingsinlife: SMILE :)

Before I start, I would like to say that I’m sorryΒ if my writing seems all over the place. It’s really late here. (10.05 p.m), and after a late night yesterday and an early morning today, I’m bound to be dead on my feet xD Anyways, hope you guys can look past whatever mistakes that I’ve made and enjoy the #littlethingsinlife that I want to give you πŸ™‚

I live in a more upgraded student accommodation, (thanks to the scholarship), which means that the facilities provided are of better quality; and the overall design is American-inspired. Most importantly, they have security standing guard to the entrance, and in a crime-ridden society like ours? its a bonus!

So when I walked out from the premises to get some fresh air, I happened to bump into one of the security guards who was standing right opposite from my vantage point. He’s Nigerian, and I noticed that his face was scrunched up into an icy expression as he read something on his mobile screen. That look shot right through my very soul. Millions of guesses were running through my mind, like his wife ran away with the butcher, or goodness knows what. I don’t know what would bake this expression into his face, (although to be honest he had always nailed that poker face whenever he sees anyone), but I guess my conscience called out to me, so I waved and smiled at him. He was shocked, obviously shocked LOL, and he didn’t wave back.

The next day, when I passed by the guardhouse, I saw him sitting inside with another guard, with that same expression on his face again, so I waved and smiled at both of them. Needless to say, both of them were shocked. πŸ˜€

In the following days, I always smiled and waved to him and his friends whenever I see them. I got David to do it too, double up the smiley faces for them. πŸ™‚

I don’t know why I started doing it unconsciously. I guess that I believed that I could heal whatever wounds that they have in their hearts.

I continued my “Smile Campaign”, and little by little, I saw him improving. The first few days he only lifted the corners of his cheeks up into a quick smile. As days became weeks, he continued to smile little by little, wider and wider. Until finally, he rewarded me with a toothy smile last Sunday! I was so astonished and pleased! I couldn’t help but smile back at him again. He waved energetically at me as I passed by with David, and both of us waved back. It was an unforgettably sweet moment. ❀

By now, basically all of his friends waved and smiled at us every time we pass by. I can say, without a shadow of doubt, that no matter how many thunderstorms I experience in a day, a smile can definitely chase the clouds away.

Smiles gave me a home away from home πŸ™‚

Flying all the way from Nigeria to Malaysia to work is a big change of scenery, and from what I’ve heard, they are not allowed to take long trips home due to a binding contract 😦 This means that they can only communicate with their families back home through telephones. It’s already hectic working as a guard with long hours under the hot sun, and without sufficient contact with their loved ones, who knows what kind of mental turmoil they’re going through? At least I think we should cut them some slack and be kind to them. They’ve worked tirelessly to guard the premises. They even have to do their rounds in order to make sure that everyone stays safe. I have utmost respect for them. It’s hard after all, going to a new country!

And yet… 😦

Some people are naturally d*ckheads. They aren’t emotionally sensitive to others. They believe that they are almighty just because they’re on their way to obtaining a bachelor’s degree. I’ve seen some idiots who are rude, and disrespectful towards them, basically making the guards’ lives living hell.

Whenever I see these knuckleheads, my knuckles crack in response 😦 

I have another very short story in relation to this topic:

One of my friends (let’s name her Fancy) lives in the same premises as I do. One day Fancy stormed into my room and said that she needed to vent about the guards. I asked her what’s the matter and she said that there was a guard who reprimanded her and her friends from using the facilities. The main issue that the guard expressed was that her friends weren’t residents.

I asked her on the methods that she used to solve this issue. She replied (-after giving me a huff): “Of course I argued with him! We got into a huge argument over it. There’s no way that I’m going to let him walk all over me”


After that conversation with Fancy, I kept thinking: “Aren’t we all humans? ”

Why are humans attacking humans? Just because these guards came from third-world countries doesn’t make them less human! Even if they asked Fancy to ask her friends to leave, surely it’s appropriate as well? Since her friends are a total bunch of bozos (a pack of king kongs are quieter than them!), maybe the guards received complaints and were asked to kick them out! Surely they’re just doing their job?

Why not smile, apologise, and be friends? It doesn’t take much to be nice πŸ™‚

I think that instead of setting myself the usual unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions such as “be active in societies” and “be extroverted”, I’m going to change it into “dole out smiles like a shower doles out rainbows.” next year.

The world could use more smiles. πŸ™‚

After successfully spreading the love to the guards, I feel fulfilled and ready to spread some more. πŸ™‚ So here’s what I’m going to do:

I propose that from now on we smile and spread smiles. πŸ™‚ Dear readers, start smiling and spreading smiles today πŸ™‚ Don’t underestimate a little act like that πŸ™‚ I’m starting this from today onwards. Here’s a picture of me smiling at you:


Now guys, help me spread the love to whomever you meet ❀ It can be someone that you know or don’t know. As long as the love keeps on going ❀ ❀ ❀ πŸ™‚Β 



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